EBA winding sub-contracting

About Us

Since 1988, EBA has manufactured a large range of wired components for the electronics industry. The company rapidly implanted itself in the field of ferrite technology for the radio communications sectors, avionics, as well as for the defence and medical industries.
From the strength of its production unit situated in the south of Bordeaux, EBA puts its experience and knowledge at the disposal of clients in order to reply to specific needs, with the principal objective always of quality whilst respecting contractual dates.

• Within this framework, EBA is certified by AFAQ :
- ISO 9001/v2008 since1994
- EN 9100
- ISO 14001 in preparation.
For requests of larger volumes, EBA is able to put into place solutions adapted in terms of price and quantity.

The principle products are :
• Laminated core transformers (EI and C circuits) :
- Mono and 3-phases from 0.1 to 1 KVA
- 50,60 and 400 Hz.
• Ferrite core transformers :
- Flux density up to 500 mT
- Frequency range from 20Hz to 1 GHz
• Current transformers
• Filters, chokes Relay and actuator coils

In addition, thanks to an optimised and flexible structure, EBA is able to respond rapidly to the most specific requirements, including assembly, moulding or impregnation services. The global resources of EBA allow a rapid introduction of products from study phase to volume production passing through prototype and pre-production phases.

• 0ur best selection to satisfy your needs :
- Manufacturing quality guaranteed
- Competence and experience recognised for more than twenty years
- Adaptability and flexibility of our production unit
- Undertakings of customers respected
- Made in France Manufacturing in low cost countries is possible

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